“I Wanted to Be a Sports Teacher

Simon King's Inspirational Journey

Career Path: HND Hospitality Management > Chef de rang > Head Waiter > Restaurant Manager > General Manager

“I had originally wanted to become a sports teacher however the GM from the hotel convinced me that hospitality was were my future lay and it appears he was right as I have never looked back since"

My Story: One of the funniest stories I have ever heard happened in the Rules Restaurant off Covent Garden. As you may know its London’s oldest restaurant and is formal and very traditional, the staff still wear stiff collars and tails etc. On one busy night a young enthusiastic waiter was moving around the restaurant at great speed to keep on top of service when a big gold cuff button caught the hair of a mature female guest. As he was travelling so quickly he pulled her hair very firmly, he looked back in horror when he saw the lady completely bald!!! Some how he managed to pull of the ladies toupee!!! She screamed out loud the restaurant went silent and the waiter red faced returned the hairpiece. Amazingly after a swift visit to the bathroom the guest returned to the table to finish the meal as if nothing had happened, needless to say the enthusiastic waiter was more careful in future!!

Funny Story:
Rich Russian guest in a 5 star hotel came to London and ordered snails for the very first time and preceded to eat entire snails shells and all!!! To the restaurant managers amazement he still enjoyed them!!! 


























General Manager - D&D Skylon

“I did every job possible, commis chef, waiter, room service, banqueting, valet, housekeeping you name it I've done it!"

Countries Worked:
New Zealand

The Fun Stuff:

“I am a Tottenham Supporter"

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