Access Keys

Access Keys have been implemented throughout the site. Access Keys allow you to activate a link using only your keyboard.

Access Key Function
s Skip navigation—jump to content (for non-visual browsers).
0 Navigate to the Accessibility page.
1 Navigate to the Homepage.
2 Navigate to the News page.
3 Navigate to the Keep Updated page.
4 Navigate to the Programmes page.
5 Navigate to the Access Keys page (this page).
6 Navigate to the Sitemap page.
7 Navigate to the Terms & Conditions page.
8 Navigate to the Contact.

How do I use Access Keys?

The procedure for using Access Keys, or “keyboard shortcuts” varies depending on which web browser you view the site with. The following table shows the Access Key combinations for a range of popular web browsers:

OS Browser Access Key combination
Windows Mozilla ALT + Access Key
Windows Explorer 4+ ALT + Access Key (to focus the link) + ENTER to activate
Windows Netscape 6+ ALT + Access Key
Windows Opera 7 SHIFT + ESC, followed by Access Key
OS X Firefox CONTROL + Access Key
OS X Safari CONTROL + Access Key
OS X Opera CONTROL + Access Key
OS X Netscape 6+ CONTROL + Access Key
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