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Is excellence recognised?
You Can Shove Your Job!
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The case of Steven Taylor has got all sorts of media channels very excited....
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Jamie's Diary
An Update from Jamie
12/08/2023 13:13:43

Hi Guys, I hope you've all been enjoying the lovely British summer as much as I have....
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Ben McEwen, General Manager
Keeping Up Appearances

It’s a Friday night and your best friend texts you to meet at the local pub for a catch up.  A few hours later your other friends have turned up and it’s descended into bit of a session; before you know it you are doing y...
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Natalie's Excellent Places & Experiences
Undercover Boss Over My Shoulder
30/07/2023 12:03:49

Before I went into the new Training Academy in Coventry, I was fully aware that Marija Simovic the CEO of Harry Ramsden’s who was due to appear on the Undercover Boss was going to attend.  I am generally not intimidated b...
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Is Social Media Influencing Society
Behavioural change in Social Media
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Let’s break it down to simple terms shall we? - So what part of your brain makes the rational decisions? It’s the Prefrontal cortex, the Mr Spock from star trek area shall we say?...
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More Spice, Less Salt Masterclass
Waterstones, Piccadilly
In response to a recent survey, one of the ‘hot topics’ that chefs want to learn about is how to redu... read more
Smiles of Britain - Two for the price of one!

Two for the price of one!

18 hours ago
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