“Wallpaper Pasting Table as a Desk

Robyn Jones's Inspirational Journey

Career Path: School Dinner Lady > General Manager > Set up Business

“I started my career as a school dinner lady"

My Story: I started my company at the height of the last recession initially working in my spare bedroom. I kept spending to a minimum and used an old wallpaper pasting table as a desk and banana boxes as filing cabinets. With a Government Allowance of £50 per week I set to work. I designed and printed my own headed paper. My House address was “Salt Lick”, which didn’t sound very business like so I set up a PO box address. Armed only with a telephone and directory I spent 6 months cold calling! To sound more impressive I often referred to “we” making it sound like a big business. I put together a business plan and lived the business 24/7. At the end of the first year my turnover was already £340,000 and I employed 16 people. We finally got an office which we have since grown out of 3 times! The rest is history. 

Funny Story: When sitting in my spare room, in my jeans, trying to be all professional; I would phone and ask to speak to Chief Executives of large multi national companies and when they asked who was calling I would say “Robyn Jones”, I would then get the reply “put HIM through”.  I found my name a huge advantage as people thought I was the secretary trying to put through her boss! 
























Co Founder & Chief Executive - Charlton House

“You have to believe in yourself, first and foremost. Make sure that you set yourself some goals and never give up. If you want to make a success of anything, you have to work hard and be hungry and keen. Ambition and tenacity are obvious things but you also have to have passion as it’s so important to enjoy what you are doing"

Countries Worked:

The Fun Stuff:

“I love Swimming (I swim every day). I also enjoy watching dancing and ice skating"

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