“Hospitality a last resort? You’re wrong

Peter Hancock's Inspirational Journey

Career Path: Barman > Head Waiter > Restaurant Manager > General Manager

“I use any excuse to show off my silver service skills (for example at a buffet)"

My Story: This year I have dined with Prince Charles, served as a Hotel Cateys judge, given a 30 minute talk on skills & training to industry experts, won a marketing award from the BHA, performed about 20 after dinner speeches and been attacked by a disgruntled tour operator. None of these things would have happened if I had not entered the hospitality industry 30 years ago and subsequently been inspired by the people I work for: owners and managers at some of the best hotels in Britain.

Funny Story: I once farted very loudly while reaching for a low bottle in the dining room wine rack, bolted into the kitchen to confess and share the amusement with my colleagues... then had to face the customers again. Nobody said anything until a Scottish gentleman, while settling his bill, enquired after my health with “can’t you do nothing out yer navel?” 
























Chief Executive - Pride of Britain

“If you like entertaining people but can’t sing very well I recommend a career in hotels or catering. It’s one of Britain’s most successful business sectors and the opportunities are endless"

Countries Worked:
UK only (apart from many overseas sales trips especially USA)

The Fun Stuff:

“I play golf"

For a full biography of Peter Hancock click here

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