“Discovered Hospitality is a Proper Job

Paul Sadler's Inspirational Journey

Career Path: Part Time Bar Work > Receptionist > General Manager

“I consider myself privileged to work within such a great industry and have enjoyed every part of my journey to date. Every time I look out of my window at 250 glorious acres of Cotswold countryside I think of all my friends from School who are locked up in office blocks overlooking the smog of a city. I know where I would rather be."

My Story: I started in the Hospitality Industry at an early age enjoying my weekend and holiday work in various Pubs, Country Clubs and a local Motorway service station whilst studying at school and college. I always thoroughly enjoyed the work and so when I left college in a recessionary period I secured work in a local hotel whilst looking for what I considered then to be a ‘proper job’. I loved the hotel, the environment, my colleagues and the guests and this started my career in our wonderful industry once I became aware the opportunities the industry offered and working in Hospitality was indeed a ‘proper job’. I moved from the hotel after a year to help run a pub with rooms and a restaurant in the Cotswold’s which a couple of friends who had taken it on as short term tenants. This spell was incredibly good fun and re-iterated my desire to forge a career in Hospitality. I moved from the Pub once the tenancy had expired to a newly opened hotel outside of Tetbury ~ Calcot Manor where I have been for 22 years.
























General Manager - Calcot Manor

“Hospitality was never mentioned as a career choice to me at school but I firmly believe it should be actively promoted to everyone as the opportunities and possibilities within the industry are endless."

Countries Worked:

The Fun Stuff:

“I am a keen follower of rugby as played it in my earler days but do not support a particular team and but go to Bristol, Bath and Gloucester matches~ go to most of the England games and have been lucky to go to two world cup finals ~ unfortunately missed the one we won!!!"

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