“Break the Rule Book

Nick Romano's Inspirational Journey

Career Path: Kitchen hand > Qualified Chef > Senior Management > General Manager > Chief Executive

“If someone tells you it cannot be done then break the rule book and show everyone that it can."

My Story: I began my career working as a kitchen hand in a small restaurant, I became a qualified chef, after which I progressed to senior management positions. I have been with von Essen since the company started. I joined as General Manager where I demonstrated the commitment to excellence that has characterised my career. I am passionate about creating unique hotel experiences for guests and employees, properly celebrating each property’s character and charm: There’s nothing worse than a hotel that’s soulless and lifeless - at von Essen our hotels are living characters that we want to share and enjoy with our guests.

Funny Story: While at Catering college in a practical lesson in the kitchen we were being taught how to make a Devilled sauce, all was going well until the lecturer said’’ Reduce your sauce by half and put your hand up when you have done that’’   and because I had not been listening to his previous talk, I took my pan over to the sink and tipped half away!! After 5mins I put my hand up and said I’ve finished to which the lecturer said it was impossible!   This had the whole class in uproar! This did not go down to well with the lecturer and I was made to stay behind to strain the stock pot! No one ever trusted me with making sauces again.  So when I hear the phase ‘’Reduce your sauce by half ‘’ it always brings a smile to my face. 


























CEO - Von Essen Hotels

“If someone tells you it cannot be done then break the rule book and show everyone that it can. Think outside the box - sometimes the most stupid ideas is what's actually needed."

Countries Worked:

The Fun Stuff:

“I like Motor racing"

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