“10 years Working for London's Best Chefs

Jun Tanaka's Inspirational Journey

Career Path: Started in Kitchen (age 19) > 10 Years Working with Best Chefs > Executive Chef

“I do loads of TV chef work now"

My Story: Having started at Le Gavroche at the age of 19, I spent the next ten years working with some of London’s best chefs in seven top Michelin star restaurants, where I perfected the art of fine French cuisine. I am now Executive Chef at Pearl Restaurant and Bar and have just launched my first recipe book.

 Funny Story: First Head Chef job was at Chives Restaurant.  AA Gill came in to dine one day, and I checked after every course that he was happy.  After his petit fours, he told me that they had been cut using a knife that had previously cut garlic and that he could taste it.  I was pretty sure it hadn’t but I accepted his feedback.
A few days later he came back into the restaurant and at the end of a meal he asked the waiter, as a joke, for some garlic petit fours.  The waiter came to me, so I prepared a plate of petit fours and stuck loads of garlic all over the plate and sent them down to him!
Needless to say, he did mention in his review that I was cocky and young, and with retrospect he was right!  I would never do something like that now, having had experience in the industry.  I was lucky he was in a good mood!

























Executive Chef - Pearl Restaurant

“I am a firm believer in using the best ingredients in season and ensuring that all ingredients used are not masked or over complicated, but enhanced to bring out their natural flavours, producing a clean and distinct taste."

Countries Worked:

The Fun Stuff:

“I am a Scuba Diver"

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