“Hotelier of the Year - 2008

Andrew McKenzie's Inspirational Journey

Career Path: Hall Porter > Management Training Scheme > General Manager (age 26) > Managing Director

“I was trained within all departments which helped me to get my first management position."

My Story: I started working in the hotel industry part time when I was 13 as a hall porter. When I left school I embarked on a management training scheme within a hotel. After training within all departments I took on various management positions throughout the UK. At the age of 26 I got my first General Manager Position. For eight years I managed three hotels before starting my current job as Managing Director for the Peter Michael Collection. I now spend a lot of time on various committee groups for both the local community as well as for the hospitality industry.




















Managing Director

“A great hotelier runs a business that has happy staff who want to work for him, happy customers who want to return and happy stakeholders who want to invest in him. Easy, really!""

Countries Worked:

The Fun Stuff:

“I am a season ticket holder for reading but I'm secretly a Rangers supporter!"

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