“Mr and Mrs Hotel

Andrew and Jacquie Pern's Inspirational Journey

Career Path: Andrew = Technical college > Self taught degree > Head Chef (age 22) > Hotel Owner
Jacquie = Born into Hospitality Family > Stage School > Front of House >Hotel Owner

“We own one of the very first Michelin starred pubs, retaining it for its seventh year in succession"

My Story: I was born and bred in and around Whitby in North Yorkshire and have always been influenced by all things local for most of my life. I was self taught to a degree level and my northern rootedness inspires my cooking. Jacquie, my wife on the other hand was born into a hospitality family and then went to stage school before returning to hospitality. We met when she was working front of house. With Jacquie's commitment to creating the perfect ambience, with efficient, friendly service and my Michelin-starred cooking we were able to buy a small hotel and since then gone onto building a small Yorkshire empire that includes rooms, a gourmet village shop and deli, a tearoom and a butcher’s shop.

















“It doesn’t matter where your inspiration comes from but you need to work with it"

Countries Worked:

The Fun Stuff:

“We met when she was working front of house"

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