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The People 1st Training Company is the training division of People 1st, the sector skills council for hospitality, passenger transport, travel and tourism.

Our mission is to provide training and development that helps service-centred businesses become more effective and competitive. We have extensive experience of working with such service organisations, particularly with those in the hospitality, travel, tourism and passenger transport industries.

Outstanding reputation

The People 1st Training Company specialises in trainer-training and in management development, with an exceptional reputation for delivering the best nationally recognised trainer-training programmes. Recent competitor analysis also shows that the People 1st Training Company is one of the best value providers in the trainer-training sector. It’s our total commitment to quality, value for money and flexibility that helps us achieve these high standards and that is at the core of everything that we do.

In-house and bespoke programmes

Our flexible approach to training addresses specific requirements and delivers maximum return on investment. We primarily provide training and development on an in-company basis, thus allowing us to provide our clients with programmes that match their training needs in a convenient way. This also makes training more cost effective.

The People 1st Training Company also develops bespoke programmes, which often complement existing in-house training and are used to help businesses meet their own specific needs.

Big solutions for small businesses

The People 1st Training Company is growing and our years of experience mean we can now help develop solutions that can have a real impact on business development and growth within small businesses SMEs. We have designed a special range of programmes to support small and medium businesses, which includes short programmes such as Focus on Food Profit and Focus on Marketing.

We have access to all the latest industry research and continually engage with our industry employers, hence all of our products are backed by world-class research and business insight.

To find out more about how the People 1st Training Company's nationally recognised training programmes could help your business, call us today on 01895 817009.

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